Vegan One Stop

For this project, I received a client brief to design a Visual Identity for the vegan brand, Vegan One Stop. The client wanted a unique logo that is recognizable and reflects the brand's values. 

The Logo

I had a few different ideas for the logo. Here are some of my logo developments. I used the Golden Circle ratio guide to create the logos. 

Hand Leaf.png

This is one of the first logo ideas. I decided against this as the client preferred something resembling a green plant as it was too common and used a lot for vegan branding. 

This was another logo I developed. It is supposed to resemble fruit or vegetable with the pip in the middle. The cut-out is supposed to be similar to a V shape for Vegan One Stop. 

Pip Circle V logo.png

The final logo is similar to an avocado mixed with an apple. I liked this design as it was very minimalistic and works well with a variety of different colors and sizes. 

Logo n Type.png

To see the development and process check out the portfolio below: