Here are a few of my projects over the past few years.


UX/ UI Designer

Estetic is a digital interior design assistant, allowing users to gather inspiration and provides a clean workspace to organize their ideas for home design. It also features budget-friendly alternatives for various furniture and decor. This project is a part of my final Major Portfolio Project at University. 



UX/ UI Designer

My team and I created the concept for an interactive, multiplatform streaming app for cultural festivities. Throughout the project, I was responsible for all of the visuals and coming up with the initial concept ideas.  

iphone-mockup-scene@2x (2).png


UX/ UI Designer 

HAVEN is a women's safety app allowing women to feel safer while traveling alone. The UI is currently being redesigned to reflect current trends. I originally created this concept for a project in my second year of University.

Apple Watch Mockup.png

Dot Magazine

Graphic Designer

Dot Magazine is a magazine specifically targeted at women, featuring travel, fashion, news, and culture. This was a group project and I was responsible for designing the travel pages, mock-ups, and providing advice on the overall aesthetic and style. 


Vegan One Stop

Visual Designer

For this project, I received a client brief to design a Visual Identity for the vegan brand, Vegan One Stop. The client wanted a unique logo that is recognizable and reflects the brand's values. 

Label Tag PSD MockUp.png

Game Menu User Interface

UI Designer

From developing a fondness for UX/UI Design over the past year, I thought I should incorporate my enthusiasm for the gaming industry by incorporating the two, through designing a Game Menu User Interface. 

Untitled design (3).png

Unreal Engine 4 Level Design 

Game Level Designer

During my studies at University, I developed an attachment for environment and level design in the Unreal Game Engine. I worked on a number of projects within Unreal Engine 4 and used external software such as Blender, Substance Painter, and Quixel Bridge.