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P Nicole Designs

Personalised Illustrations

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During my studies at university, I developed a passion for illustration, and I managed to work up the confidence to start my own brand as a Freelance Illustrator. 

Over time I found that a lot of people were interested in my designs and I used this as an opportunity to work with a number of customers from around the world.

As my love for digital illustration continues to grow, so does P Nicole Designs...


Prices and Payments

Prices for personalised illustrations vary on detail and image, therefore I would recommend sending me a message to get a price quote based on the image you wish me to illustrate. 

However, I do have a basic price list:


£10                    1 Faceless Person

£12                    1 Detailed Person or Pet


+ £1                   Per Extra Faceless Person

+ £2                   Per Extra Detailed Person or Pet

For any group photos please message me for a quote. 

To make an order please send me your photo, along with any personalisations. I will then arrange payment options.

I accept PayPal or Bank Transfers. Please choose an option once you have completed an order with me. 

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