My team and I created the concept for an interactive, multiplatform streaming app for cultural festivities. Throughout the project, I was responsible for all of the visuals and coming up with the initial concept ideas.  

A little bit about the project...

CulturAR is an interactive streaming experience that brings festivals from around the world into your living room! Whether it’s the awe-inspiring Chinese New Year Festival or the extravagant Rio De Janiero Carnivale, celebrate together in style with family, friends, and fellow travelers!

The app incorporates AR features to bring the magic of the arts to life through your phone's camera. Such as; scanning AR codes to access exclusive content and discounts and using AR to bring 3D elements from the festival into the room. ​

It is available to download on your Smart TV to stream live festivals, offering a more casual viewing experience, which is accessible on all devices. 

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Click on the Pitch and Proposal below to see more information on this project such as the logo development, research, etc: 

I designed some merchandise for the brand. This is also featured on the Pitch and Proposal page.